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Franklin Precast manufactures and delivers precast concrete products. Our line includes:

     •  Precast Tanks                •  Storm Water Structures                 
     •  Retaining Wall Blocks  •  Manholes 
     •  Precast Stairs                • Catchbasins
     •  Septic Accessories       • Trench Drains (grates optional)
     •  Recharge Tanks            • Headwalls
     •  Lightpole Bases            • Transformer Pads
     •  Custom Structures       • We also carry Fralo and Infiltrator                                                     Plastic Tanks



Franklin Precast Hours of Operation:

     •  Winter Hours



Click the product to view the following specifications:

     •  Round Septic Tanks
     •  Rectangle Septic Tanks
     •  Standard Recharge Pits
     •  Heavy Duty Recharge Rings
     •  Risers
     •  D-Boxes
     •  Tops

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Franklin Precast
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Tel: 973-827-7563
Fax: 973-827-4746


Another Load of Franklin Precast Quality Products

Another Load of Franklin Precast Quality Products


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